ASK AN ENGINEER - Special guest Massimo Banzi from Arduino 5/6/2015

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Massimo is an Interaction Designer, Educator and Open Source Hardware advocate. He has worked as a consultant for clients such as: Prada, Artemide, Persol, Whirlpool, V&A Museum and Adidas. He currently teaches Interaction Design at SUPSI Lugano in the south of Switzerland, and is a visiting professor at CIID in Copenhagen. Massimo is the CEO of Arduino.

What is “Ask an engineer”? From the electronics enthusiast to the professional community – “Ask an Engineer” has a little bit of everything for everyone. If you’re a beginner, or a seasoned engineer – stop in and see what we’re up to! We have demos of projects and products we’re working on, we answer your engineering and electronics questions and we have a trivia question + give away each week.


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