New Deleted Scene Reveals What David Did To Shaw and Will Do To Daniels

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New Deleted Scene Reveals What David Did To Shaw and Will Do To Daniels - Скачать видео!

As some of you probably know, Alien Covenant was released on Itunes and other digital stores. So we actually got a few
deleted scenes that clarify many questions that were left after Prometheus and covenant. Many of these
scenes were actually from Alien Covenant novel, which I covered in another video. I’m pretty sure we’re
gonna get even more additional material after the blue ray release.

But now let’s talk about the deleted scene that explains the death of Elizabeth. In that sequence, David explains what exactly he did to Elizabeth Shaw and why David killed her he also explains his further plans and what he intends to do with Daniels. The camera shows
his lab, embryos figures, the table with different instruments and sketches then he voice-overs
explaining his motives for experimenting on Shaw, and what happened between them, he also gives
more details about how the black goo works and interacts with living cells. David’s monologue is actually
a report to Weyland -Yutani and he was sketching all these things to show step by step procedures of
what he did with the black goo and different hosts.

So let’so go over what happened between David and Shaw. As he explains in the voice over, he traveled
through space with the help of Elizabeth Shaw and found a rotting paradise. By the help of Elizabeth he
clearly implies the fact that she put him back together and maybe in some why he still has gratitude to
Elizabeth despite the things that he did to her.

Then David continues that says that he watched the
planet bleed as a gift to Shaw and wanted to build a second Eaden but she refused. Probably Shaw was
pretty angry on Engineers because of the way they treated humans in Prometheus and David thought
that bombing the Paradise planet with the black goo would be a fair because Engineers were intended
to do the same thing to Earth. Then David says that he wanted to build a second garden of Eaden, but
Shaw refused. That implies that David destroyed engineers to please Elizabeth because he probably thought that she hates engineers after what one of them did to the Prometheus crew.

But It’s really confusing what the paradise garden means for a mad android and since
populating the planet with vicious monsters is the exact opposite of the paradise. Most likely after the pathogen bombing, David
wanted to experiment with the black goo and whatever was left from Engineers but Shaw was against it
probably there was some sort of conflict between them and maybe David even told her that he infected
her boyfriend. We don’t know exactly what happened between them but as David said
she refused to build a new Paradise with him.

It is shown how David removes her chest bones and the rib cage then he says the he tried so
desperately to make her something more than human, evolved. Without her cooperation, I had to
salvage her parts to begin work on my masterpiece. That basically means that David used her
reproductive organs to produce either human or engineer embryos or maybe other organic substance.
That basically confirms what fan theories about the fate of Elizabeth.

David continues his monologue that says that “You wouldn’t believe the secrets I’ve unlocked” and
there is a shot of him cutting out some part of Shaw’s organs and it appears to be her egg, it’s looked
pretty gross.

David also says that while experimenting on Elizabeth Shaw he discovered that there is something
extraordinary about the substance reaction to the human genom. Then we see the ending scene of Alien
Covenant with alien emryos, David says that he has only one thing left to perfect and the camera cut
to Daniels in her cryo-sleep chamber and He says the Queen, make no mistake this is going to change

It’s not clear if he wanted to make Elizabeth the Queen, maybe she was like a test version and many
things did not work out. Maybe he did not originally want to create the queen but now he thinks that it
would be another step closer to perfection.

I really don’t like the way they dealt with Elizabeth, she was a really good character and it would be nice
to see more of her but at least we now know exactly what happened to her and why David did that.

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New Deleted Scene Reveals What David Did To Shaw and Will Do To Daniels - Скачать видео!


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